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Are you looking for for high-end real estate developments near Mumbai? Look no farther than L&T Realty Thane. L&T Realty, one of Thane's premier real estate developers, provides a wide range of properties, from economical housing to luxury residences, all with top-of-the-line facilities and infrastructure. In this blog article, we'll go over all you need to know about L&T Realty Thane, including their master plan, floor layouts, price options, and more. Whether you're looking for an investment property or your ideal home, L&T Realty is likely to offer something for you. So, let's get started!

Larsen & Toubro Limited, one of India's major multinational corporations, owns L&T Realty Thane. For more than a decade, L&T Realty has been building quality residential and commercial properties in Thane, with an extensive portfolio that includes integrated townships, luxury houses, and affordable housing.

The organisation takes pride in its dedication to quality building and client satisfaction. They employ cutting-edge technology to guarantee that their buildings are both energy-efficient and sustainable, while still providing modern amenities like as swimming pools, sports facilities, and clubhouses.

L&T Realty Thane is distinguished by its emphasis on developing gated communities that provide residents with privacy and security in addition to comfort and convenience. With shared places like as parks, gardens, walking paths, and common recreational areas, their facilities are meant to foster a feeling of community among members.

With so much expertise in real estate development and inventive concepts, L&T Realty Thane continues to create new industry benchmarks for excellence.

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L&T Thane Mumbai: Welcomes You

L&T Thane is a leading real estate development near Mumbai that offers exquisite and inexpensive properties for individuals looking to participate in India's thriving real estate industry. L&T Thane greets you cordially upon arrival, offering you to enjoy their great facilities and artistically crafted apartments.

As you enter this gated neighbourhood, you'll be met by lush vegetation and beautifully maintained gardens that provide a tranquil environment. The well-lit walkways take you to your dream house, where every detail has been thoughtfully sculpted to create a comfortable and elegant setting.

Residents of L&T Thane may enjoy the greatest amenities, such as swimming pools, clubhouses with state-of-the-art fitness centres, and indoor gaming rooms. Furthermore, they provide round-the-clock security services to ensure your safety is never jeopardised.

L&T Thane residences are constructed with high-quality materials that ensure endurance while also delivering a remarkable visual appeal. These apartments range in size from 1BHK to 3BHK, so whatever your family size or financial requirements are, there's something for everyone here.

Furthermore, L&T Realty Group has ensured that its complexes meet not only residential but also commercial demands by providing adequate office space inside its grounds, making it easy for individuals who like working closer to home without having to drive great distances.

Whether choosing luxury or affordability when acquiring property in Thane near Mumbai, L&T Realty Group - a name renowned with quality and expertise in real estate development across India - is likely to have what they're searching for.

L&T Thane Mumbai: Amenities

L&T Thane provides a variety of amenities to its residents, making it an ideal location for modern life. The project has cutting-edge amenities that cater to the requirements of people of all ages.

L&T Thane offers a variety of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, including a basketball court, cricket pitch, tennis court, and swimming pool. Residents may participate in these activities anytime they wish, without having to leave their homes.

Aside from that, there is a well-equipped gymnasium on the site, which allows fitness enthusiasts to keep their routine even on hectic days. There is a meditation area where people who prefer relaxation to training sessions may rest after a hard day at work.

The complex also has beautiful green gardens and manicured spaces, which give inhabitants with tranquil settings in the midst of nature. Children have access to a play area equipped with swings and slides where they may have fun in a safe environment.

Furthermore, 24x7 security surveillance assures that inhabitants at L&T Thane feel safe at all times. The management team handles every detail so that tenants have nothing to worry about other than enjoying their time here.

L&T Thane Mumbai: Master Plan and Floor Plan

It's critical to understand the layout of a possible home if you're thinking about buying in one. The L&T Thane provides a choice of floor plans intended to meet a variety of demands, ranging from 1 BHK apartments to opulent 4 BHK homes.

This project's master plan is amazing and thoroughly thought out. It features vast green spaces, cutting-edge conveniences, and services that cater to every conceivable need. There is seldom any congestion since there is plenty of space between buildings and beautifully constructed pedestrian trails throughout the complex.

Each item has been meticulously constructed with a focus on comfort while also considering utility. Depending on your requirements, you can select from a variety of arrangements, such as a huge balcony or a larger living area.

The floor layouts were designed with all aspects of everyday life in mind - natural light penetration, cross ventilation - everything that contributes to make living comfortable and stress-free. Each apartment has modern finishes that are both beautiful and functional.

The master plan and floor plan at L&T Thane show how much thought has gone into designing a perfect lifestyle community where inhabitants may flourish amidst nature's abundant bounty without compromising the comforts we've come to expect as standard these days!

Master plan:

Master Plan

Floor Plan:

floor plan1

2 BHK - Coming Soon.

floor plan1

3 BHK - Coming Soon.

L&T Thane Mumbai: Price

One of the most significant elements to consider when investing in a home is its pricing. L&T Thane provides a diverse choice of residential and commercial properties to suit any budget.

Prices for L&T Thane's residential projects range from INR 50 lakhs to several crores, depending on size, location, and amenities. The commercial premises begin at INR 1 crore and vary in size and location.

What distinguishes L&T Realty from other real estate developers is its dedication to giving value for money without sacrificing quality or standards. Furthermore, they provide appealing payment plans that are suited to the customer's interests.

With such low pricing and high-quality construction, investing in an L&T Thane home may be profitable in terms of both profits and lifestyle enhancement.

Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
2BHK 2T On Request ₹ On Request
3BHK On Request ₹ On Request

L&T Thane Mumbai: Location and Map

L&T Thane is conveniently placed in Mumbai's busy city, making it one of the region's most desirable residential and commercial complexes. It lies right off Ghodbunder Road, a key route that links Mumbai to the rest of Maharashtra. This location is convenient to significant landmarks such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment centres.

The project is conveniently located near significant commercial areas, industrial parks, and educational institutions. It is also well-connected by rail and road networks, with important highways such as the Eastern Express Highway and the Western Express Highway easily accessible from here.

According to the map, L&T Thane is located in an opportune location between Sanjay Gandhi National Park on one side and Yeoor Hills on the other. These natural treasures create a tranquil environment for inhabitants while also connecting them to nature's splendour.

Furthermore, the development has great connection via forthcoming metro lines (Metro Line 4), which will increase its accessibility quotient even further. The location of L&T Thane makes it a great alternative for individuals looking for luxury living with convenience at their doorstep.

L&T Realty Group





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Million Square Feet Area

In the Indian real estate sector, L&T Realty Group is a well-known name. Larsen & Toubro Limited, one of India's leading engineering and construction firms, owns it. The firm has worked on some of the most renowned projects in the country.

L&T Realty distinguishes itself from its competition by emphasising quality, innovation, and sustainability. The company's portfolio is vast, including residential, commercial, and retail buildings, as well as integrated townships and infrastructure projects.

The group's dedication to quality is evident in its attention to detail at all stages of a project, from concept to implementation. L&T Realty also prioritises client satisfaction, aiming to surpass expectations with each new project.

Furthermore, L&T Realty adheres to strong ethical standards and does business in a transparent manner. This technique aids in the development of trust among consumers and stakeholders alike.

L&T Realty Group strives to set quality and innovation standards in India's real estate business. Its commitment to provide exceptional living experiences solidifies its status as one of the country's leading developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this article has provided you with valuable information about L&T Realty's premier real estate developments in Thane, near Mumbai. With their commitment to quality and excellence, L&T Thane offers a wide range of premium properties that cater to every lifestyle.

If you are looking for a residential or commercial property investment in Thane or Mumbai, consider the offerings by L&T Realty. Their projects are designed with precision and attention to detail so you can be assured of getting the best value for your money.

To help answer any remaining questions you may have regarding L&T Thane and its offerings, we have compiled some frequently asked questions below:

Ans. L&T Thane offers excellent amenities such as swimming pools, landscaped gardens, fitness centers, children's play area and more.
Ans. L&T Realty has several prime locations across Thane including Kolshet Road,Thanesaraf Parsi Colony and Ghodbunder road among others
Yes, L & T Thane do provide an array of affordable housing options without compromising on quality.
Ans. L&T Realty Group offers both commercial as well as residential properties.
Ans. The Group’s focus on customer satisfaction through timely delivery, quality construction make it stand apart from other builders

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